Designing the Future: Final Video Audio Script

by keith.hcc

Alex and her dad Ethan are visiting the B&O railroad museum when Alex sees a locomotive she really likes

“Cool, Dad!  Can we make a model of this?”

Ethan takes a picture  of the locomotive and sends it to ModelMaker, a mobile device app that can form 3D models of objects and use a 3D printer to build the models.

While Alex and Ethan are walking around the museum, ModelMaker works on the uploaded image, using its image recognition capability to determine what the picture represents.  Once ModelMaker understands the image, it searches for 3D models that match the image or attempts to create a model from scratch.

When the base model is complete, ModelMaker signals it is done [ding!] and gives Ethan the option to print the model of customize it.  Ethan and Alex are busy touring the museum so they decide they’ll work on the model later at home.

Back at home, Ethan syncs ModelMakers latest updates with his table mobile device.

Ethan hands the table to Alex who uses ModelMaker to see what her model looks like.

By default, ModelMaker shows Alex the most realistic model of the locomotive it could determine which is an HO scale model.  It also presents Alex with the ability to customize or the print the current model.

Alex decides to customize the model.

ModelMaker shows the current model and a menu of model choices.

Alex decides to look through some models.

Alex decides she likes the LEGO model and tells the app she is done choosing models.

But Alex isn’t ready to print yet.  She’d like to add an extra set of wheels to more closely match the original locomotive.

Alex double-taps the back wheel and drags its copy between the front and back wheels.

ModelMaker elongates the whole model in order to accommodate the addition of the third wheel.  Alex is now ready to print the model.

Alex knows her dad keeps the printer turned off unless they’re going to print something.  She asks her dad if he can print the model.

In his office, Ethan turns the printer on and asks the app to print the model locomotive.

The printer finishes creating the model and notifies Ethan that it’s done. [ding!]

Ethan gives the new model to Alex

“Thanks, Dad!”

“Maybe we can make a model of you tomorrow so you can be the engineer.”